Gerry Beattie Acupuncture

Testimonials 4th October 2015


I started going to Gerry really as a last resort, I had been getting a lot of pain, numbness and a lot of soreness all round my right jaw, teeth and tongue. The dentist had taken out nearly all of the teeth that side, with no relief, so the doctor sent me to the pain control clinic at the hospital. All they could offer was very strong medication with all sorts of scary side effects. Even those did'nt stop the pain.
I found Gerry's phone number on the web and rang her. She was very supportive straight away, and I made an appointment.
After the initial consultation Gerry was very honest in saying she didn't know if she could help but would like to try. After a few weeks of acupuncture I began to notice some improvements, and with Gerry's help, was eventually able to come off medication.
I still attend Gerry's clinic occasionally, to help keep the symptoms under control. R.W.

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